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Du sprichst kein Englisch? Kein Problem :) Hier findest du unsere deutsche Website.







Our next online meet-up
in English is on
October 26th at 8.30 pm.
Sign up now!*

*4 people per meet-up.

We want to connect people.

We want to offer a safe space for everybody interested in meeting new people and making connections with think-alikes.

Since 4Plus1 is a non-profit project, and the funding needs to be clarified, we can offer only two groups for now: first come, first served :)



Unser nächstes online Meet-up
auf deutsch ist
17. Oktober um 20.30 Uhr.
Meld dich gleich an.*

*4 Plätze pro Termin.

Why the fuss?

It's not only a feeling: People really feel increasingly lonely. Even recent studies* show that loneliness is as bad as smoking for people's health.

And because a tiny feeling is becoming a global pandemic, we're starting with 4Plus1 in October. Hooray!



You want to be a part of 4Plus1? You can! You can become a host or donate some of your hard-earned money.

Drop us some facts about yourself and/or your organization. We'll get back to you ASAP. We'd love to hear from you!

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What is 4Plus1?
4Plus1 is a non-profit project for people who struggle to connect with people in their everyday lives.
Who is 4Plus1 for?
4Plus1 is for everybody who feels lonely and is interested in building new connections with others in a similar situation.
How much does it cost?
4Plus1 is completely free :)
In what languages can I participate?
Currently, we can offer a group in English and one in German.
Can I also start a group?
Yes, you can send us an informal application here: join@4plus1.org