Support needed :)

Hey you! Thank you for wanting to join us or supporting us in another way. You can find the kind of help we need below.


English Host

Currently, we're looking for an English speaking person who wants to host our first English group.

If this sounds interesting to you, drop us a line. Now. 

Queer Host

We want also to offer you a queer group. For that, we're looking for somebody from the LGBTQIA+ community. We think that this group could be in English or German, depending in the demand.

If this could be something for you, please get in touch :)


We could also use some help with our website. It's based on WP (if you're a developer, you know that already, ofc) and needs a little brush-up.

If you want to collect some Karma points, get in touch asap :)


You've already noticed that we love to use illustrations on our website. And we want to do that also on our socials. For that, we're looking for somebody who has fun helping us with a set of new illustrations.

Sounds interesting to you? Please contact us.

You want to participate in a different way?

How cool is that? Let us know about your ideas! We're already excited to learn more :)